Let’s Go To The Movies!

I don’t believe that here is anything more pop culture than film. It freezes, if only for mere hours, us to the silver screen. We are entranced by the action, the actors, the music & the words. But sometimes we don’t know what film to see or if its worth time out of our busy schedules. That’s where the Film Critic was born. And there wasn’t one better than Roger Ebert.

He had a way with words that was just so eloquent. He could insult and compliment you in the same sentence. He never held back his opinions, whether we agreed with him or not. He was honest and brassy.

But the one thing everyone agreed was that Ebert loved the movies. You can’t deny that.

Sure, movie critics can get things wrong. Critiques are in the eye of the beholder. Someone who isn’t a fan of Horror films will more than likely pan any Horror film they see. But without critics or critiques, how can anyone think to improve their craft? How can we distinguish one RomCom from another without knowing the differences between them? We needed someone who could explain what we were going to see without spoiling the ending.

With with the explosion of so many types of social media outlets at our disposal, everyone’s a critic. We anyone with a computer or a smartphone can run their own movie/music/entertainment blog. But without Ebert, without his witty retorts or his passionate diatribes, would we even need movie blogs? Or would they even be worth reading?

Roger Ebert was a huge influence in my life and my way of looking constructively at films. And i will be forever greatly for that. Roger, viewing movies won’t be the same without your critiques. You will be greatly missed by us all.

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Justin Timberlake SNL Promo - Hosting 3/9/13 - (x)

As a Mecca of pop culture, I bring you SNL gifs for this week! Love that 2 former child stars of the 90s from 2 different networks (1 Nickelodeon & 1 Disney Channel) can be civil with each other after all these years!

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"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

As a normal, well adjusted, self sufficient 20 something in the 21st, I’m shocked that it’s taken me this long to start a blog. That’s like not realizing that everyone went to DSL and 4G when you’re still stuck on Prodigy.

This blog is about Movies, TV, Music, and all things Pop Culture. And how important they are to everyday life. I learned all important life lessons that I needed to know from the many a late nights watching Lifetime movies, Soap Operas, and the greatest that is comedy films. For example- I never threw parties in high school when my parents went away for the weekend. WHY? What teen centric show of the 90s didn’t tell you that they would always come home on Saturday night not Sunday, you will always break their prized Elvis cookie jar (was it a cookie jar? Who cares- Screech’s mom was waaayyy too into Elvis anyway) And lastly, you will always wake up to having toliet paper everywhere except the bathroom.

See? Many a thing to learn from these shining examples. Until Next time, Stay Classy my friends!

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Blog Post 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sequels are the an enigma of films. The movie studios love them because they make more money, the fans have more of a “love them or leave them” relationship with them. Sure “The Empire Strikes Back” wasn’t as mind-blowing as “Star Wars” (EXCEPT for the non M. Night Shyamalan-twist at the end which was a real twist not something as lame as the trees are killing us… oops spoil “The Happening” for you? No? Didn’t think so)

Since 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, we have seen the most sequels, movies based on old TV Shows, remakes, and re-boots of films in I think the history of the industry. Some have been okay, and others…… Do I need to even mention “Footloose”??

This Summer alone, we have “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Dark Shadows”, The Last Twilight (I can’t wait!! Not to see it mind you, but to FINALLY stop hearing Twilight fans bitch and moan about this…….) We also have movies premiere that WILL have sequels next year - “The Avengers” (HELLS YEA!) “The Hunger Games” & “The Hobbit”.

To me, the most successful movie sequels would have to be the Harry Potter series. I never read any of the books (a fact BOTH my sisters like to hang over my head everyday) but I am a fan of film. Each movie was the same and different from each other at the same time. You felt for each characters and wanted to go back and see what new adventures they would go on to do next.

Suspension of disbelief is needed to make any film - whether it’s a sequel or not- be a success. You have to be able to LOSE yourself in it for the 2-3 hours you’re there, forgetting about what problems you had at work that morning or what you have to do afterwards. And sometimes in order to forget, we need something that can help us remember. And that’s where sequels can come in to play.

I know that for me, I do have a love hate relationship with Sequels. It depends on how much I loved or hated the first film. So go out and see for yourself how awesome or how not so amazing a sequel can be.

This Must be POP!

Ahhh Boybands. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Me, being a 20-something that was a teen from late 90s to early 00s- you KNOW I loved them! I started my obsession at the ripe old age of 5 when my cousins would play New Kids On the Block none stop & I haven’t stopped since! There was a type of guy in each band that all girls could gravitate towards- The Bad Boy, The Heartthrob, The Funny One, The Cute One, & The Shy One. And you know you would get mad if your friend liked to same boy you did! (I know I did!) Heck- if one of my sisters sang the part of an *NSYNC song that JC Chasez sang instead of me, ooohh was there gonna be a problem!
And even now, we still have that one group that we will defend to the end was the greatest boy band of all time. (By the way, The best was a tie between 2 *NSYNC & New Kids On the Block- so suck on that BSB fans! lol) But WHY were we teenaged girls OBSESSED with this music? Was it the lyrics that spoke to our souls? Was it the message in there music videos that we just Had to rush home to watch? No, I personally think its much much simpler & three letters- TRL. Total Request Live was a STAPLE in our lives. Before all the NOW CDS (Which they are on NOW 42….) Itunes, Ipods, Ringtones, YouTube, etc we had a 3pm appointment with MTV & Carson Daly to see which top ten spot our boy band’s latest video was at. But more on the amazingness that was TRL in another blog.

It also didn’t hurt that all these bands had really great marketing teams & Managers that just hit the scene at the right time. They sang songs about first love, breaking up, missing you, being with you, wanting to be with you, that you were the only one. All things that a 15 year old girl wants to hear a 15 year-old boy say to her.

Keep in mind that the Economy was very good at that time. We, as a teenage/Abercrombie & Fitch wearing culture, were starting to get jobs and could afford to buy as many things as we wanted to. There were magazines, t-shirts, accessories, fan clubs, all access passes, movies, TV shows, CDs that we could get our hands on. This is dating myself- But I still have a cabniet FULL of *NSYNC TV appearences that I phsycally taped on VHS just so I didnt miss a thing. (if only DVR was invented back in 99….) But then the inevitable happened. Our beloved bands started to take “breaks”, they wanted to do other things. Technically- *NSYNC has been on an extended break since 2002….. I’m still waiting!
So we had a decade of a mis-mash of music. Lots of genres began to blend together. Starting with J-Lo & Ja-Rule’s remix of “I’m Real” we started to hear Hip-hop, Rap & Pop mix together in ways never seen before. Back in the day you would NEVER think Snoop Dog would sing on a Pop song… Now we have him singing with Katy Perry on how he loves California girls. Thanks to “American Idol” & Senastions like Taylor Swift, Country music has become more Pop. And Rock Music has become less rock & roll and more mainstream.
But then, something happened. New Kids on the Block decided to come back & record a new CD. Everyone thought this was rediculous. Why reunite after all thistime? Would anyone listen? The answer was a resounding YES! They sold out arenas, something they hadn’t done in over 20 years. It gave fans that were too young the first time they toured a chance to see the magic live & those who saw them years ago a chance to see them again. They are STILL Touring after that 1 new CD, which was released in 2008. Not many Bands can say that they have been touring for 4 years off 1 cd. Backstreet Boys have now joined them on tour- creating the super group knonw as NKOTBSB. 98*Degrees is rumored to be reuniting, & 2Gether (MTV’s very one fake boy band) will be reuniting this year (minus the fact that original member Michael Cuccione passed away in 2001.
And New boybands are hitting the scene. We had the Jonas Brothers (or the JoBros as I like to call them) for a little while & now we are having a new British Invasion. Teens have One Direction & The Wanted to chose from. The format doesn’t seem dated, doesn’t seem overrated, doesn’t seem boring. We finally have come full circle again where we NEED Boybands- I mean the Beibs can only stay on for so long before we get over his luscious Canadian Locks…. And I am ok with it.
But why the need for this type of music? Its an escape. Its a chance to just put the windows down in your car, jam out & Dance. Who cares if the car next to you thinks your insane? In the immortal words of NKOTB- You gotta be Hangin’ Tough!
Thanks to the amazing blonde in the photo- My awesome cousin Megan- My boyband collection is complete with signed NKOTB 80s style buttons.
Until next time, Bye Bye Bye!

All I want for Christmas is Yooouu!

Christmas. Truly a pop culture magnet. We have our favorite Christmas song, Christmas movie, TV Christmas episode/special, or Christmas marathon we listen & watch every year. TBS has a 24-hour “A Christmas Story” marathon every Christmas Eve. Our culture is obsessed with the “Christmas Spirit”, being with family & friends and to celebrate good times. TV, movies & music helps us get into that spirit. We make cookies that our grandparents made, we play video or board games, we take Christmas pictures & send Christmas cards to those we may not see until next year. It’s a perfect time for young couples to get engaged, get married, or announce a pregnancy. On Facebook, at least 20 of your friends already wished you a Merry Christmas by 8 am. They tweeted you, tagged you on a Christmas picture on Instagram, or tumbled a Christmas greeting to your group of friends. Sending you Christmas cheer through all channels of Social Media.

But then you come into the consumer side of Christmas- long lines at department stores, unChristmas like behaviors in customers, the ever so slightly push to make Christmas start on November 1st. Why? Since 2008, when the US economy began its free fall, Christmas has been pushed on us earlier and earlier. Radio stations start playing Christmas music earlier, malls star putting out decorations prior to Halloween, Christmas themed movies come out any time of the year. It’s as though “they”, the powers that be, want us to think Christmas all year long to get us in the Christmas shopping experience.

Some say this is a great thing, others disagree.

But what exactly is Christmas? Is Christmas a feeling, a religious experience, a state of mind, an excessive shopping excuse? That is for each of us to decide on our own.

Boom! What better way to start of a Pop Culture blog than taking a stereotypical 2010s Girl duck face picture pose?

Boom! What better way to start of a Pop Culture blog than taking a stereotypical 2010s Girl duck face picture pose?

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ooohhhh good one! My Beetle Bailey phone. Need I say More?